Family activities for Autumn

Whilst the weather is still treating us kindly I thought I would put together some Autumn  activity ideas for the whole family to join in with. As our girls get older the age gap between the older ones and the youngest seems to have become more noticeable. We have the added task of finding activities that are going to please everyone so that we can carry on doing things as a five. I’ve tried to put some ideas here that I think will be enjoyed by all ages and will hopefully not cause too much moaning from a teenager!

All of these activities are inexpensive or free.

Pumpkin Picking has well and truly made its way over from America. Farms offering the opportunity to pick your own have sprung up everywhere. I think that its a great way for the kids to see how the pumpkins grow rather than just picking one up from the supermarket and they love choosing their own to carve.

The carving of the pumpkins is another activity everyone can join in with. Our older girls seem to come up with more and more elaborate designs every year. They print templates found on the internet and spend hours completing the intricate details.


Autumn is a time for harvesting and we try to make this fun by adding an element of competition. The promise of sweet prizes for those who pick the most normally gets everyone involved. The job of collecting the apples and picking the brambles in England and the pine cones when we are in Portugal gets done a lot quicker with bribery!

When the weather isn’t being so kind the fruits of the harvest can be used for a bake off style competition with an Autumn or Halloween theme.

All of our girls are big fans of arts and craft, they love nothing more than getting the glue and paints out and basically making a mess! Over the years they have all enjoyed making pine cone creatures. There are a few easy ideas here;


My friend Typical Mummy’s little boy also came up with this fabulous Harry Potter Autumn craft. You can find it by visiting her blog if you click the link above.


I could not write an Autumn blog without mentioning conkers. Who doesn’t love that moment of breaking into the spiky shell and revealing the shiny treasure? None of my girls have ever been that keen on playing the traditional game but the conkers are just as beautiful piled high in a bowl or strung together to make hanging decorations.


No matter how old you are there are some things that never fail to put a smile on your face, for me jumping in a pile of leaves or shuffling your feet along a street filled with them always makes me happy. A little hand in mine finding joy in the same thing makes it even more special.

What are your favourite things to do in the Autumn?Please leave a comment below, I would love to hear about the activities you enjoy.



2 thoughts on “Family activities for Autumn

  1. Ruthie my 9 year old starts planning Halloween for the next year on Nov 1st! 😂. Pumpkin carving is way up there but we also have started decorating our house almost as much as much as Xmas to my husbands dismay. Xxx

    1. It seems to be getting bigger and bigger each year doesn’t it? I love the idea of decorating the house. I’m creeping a few things in slowly 😉😂🎃

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