Game Night – 7 of our favourite games

As the darker nights draw in and we spend more time indoors we seem to be in a constant battle with technology. I’m not going to lie, the adults in our house are just as guilty as the children of giving in to the distraction of the t.v. ,phone or computer. We tried at one time to have a total ban on technology on a Sunday. I’m sorry to say it didn’t last long but i am thinking of trying to set a more achievable goal of time limits. It upsets me that we are all often in different rooms on various devices or worse still sitting with each other but zoned out in our own worlds totally engrossed in phones/ipads etc.

As a way of trying to counteract the distance that technology inevitably creates between us all, over the last few winters we have tried to introduce family game night as a Sunday afternoon/early evening tradition. Obviously it doesn’t always work and the initial arguments over what game to play have to be overcome but when it goes well and everyone joins in , it’s a great way for the family to be together.

I have put together a selection of the games we like to play. All of the games are suitable for all ages – a must in our house so that we can all join in.


Top of the list has to be UNO. We have several packs of UNO and I would be lost without it! If I am going to be out with the kids I always carry a pack in my handbag. It has saved us from boredom and arguments in restaurants and never fails as an ice breaker when there’s a group of children who don’t know each other. It’s a really great portable game and doesn’t take too long to play. We’ve discovered a game called Dobble too which is also a good portable game although my husband won’t play it in public as we all get a bit too aggressively competitive and loud!

Old Classics – Guess Who and Cluedo


Our girls are lucky that their Granny has kept lots of things from my husband’s childhood. Cluedo has become a new favourite with the older ones especially. Guess Who never loses it’s appeal, another quick game that can be played in tournaments to include everyone. A firm favourite with our youngest.

Rubiks Race


This is another game for two but we take it in turns to play the winner of each game to find an overall winner. This is a fast paced game and can get very competitive and shouty! Another one not to be played in public!


We discovered Labyrinth a couple of years ago. It’s great for all ages as there are different ways to play to make it easier or harder depending on who is playing.



The best word to describe this game is “bonkers”. It took us all a while to get used to how to play but now it’s a favourite with everyone. It’s brilliant for getting you all thinking and the illustrations on the playing cards are just beautiful.

Mexican Train


This is our newest game, a version of dominoes that friends of ours recommended. We’ve only played a couple of times but i think it’s going to become a regular in the Sunday night choices.


What are your favourite family games? I would love to hear your recommendations.

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